Prison Fellowship

Vision: To see all affected by crime reconciled to God, their families, and their communities.

Prison Fellowship believes that a restorative approach to prisoners, former prisoners, and all those affected by crime and incarceration can make communities safer and healthier. Our ministry is founded on the conviction that all people are created in God’s image and that no life is beyond God’s reach. As Christians, we believe that Jesus — Himself brought to trial, executed, buried, and brought to life again — offers hope, healing, and a new purpose for each life. He can make even the most broken people and situations whole again. Through an amazing awakening to new hope and life purpose, those who once broke the law are transformed and mobilized to serve their neighbors, replacing the cycle of crime with a cycle of renewal.

Prison Fellowship Internship Opportunities:

  1. Legislative Research Manager: Contact: [email protected]. We prefer law students or individuals with a related degree for our policy/research slot.
  2. Senior Director of Advocacy: You can find information on the Justice Ambassador program here: https://www.prisonfellowship.org/action/become-an-advocate-in-your-state/. People can also take action on the #EndTheDisparity campaign, and when they do so they join our advocate network: https://p2a.co/rBarRMl?p2asource=ppjac?iframe=1.

Contact Director of Administration and Programing Julie Hunt at [email protected] to discuss available opportunities.