The oft heard and repeated mantra of “justice for all,” seems right and natural. Soldiers have given their lives to ensure this “American way.” Yet historically, accessing true justice is rare. Our courts are the centering core of where justice should be. Yet politics, power, money, status, and more, continually influence the scales of Lady Justice. What are the roots of the “justice for all” concept? Where are the flaws manifested? What can and should lawyers do to fight for this concept?

Mark Lanier is one of the country’s preeminent litigators. Currently leading the nationwide opioid litigation, Mr. Lanier has partnered with cities and states across the U.S. to hold pharmaceutical conglomerates legally responsible for the opioid crisis that has devastated communities and families.

Mr. Lanier has earned international recognition for setting record verdicts in courtrooms— over 20 billion dollars —throughout the United States. He has twice been named National Trial Lawyers Association’s Trial Lawyer of the Year and inducted into the National Trial Lawyers’ Hall of Fame. In 2018, Mr. Lanier was selected the 2018 Outstanding Trial Lawyer of the Year by The National Law Journal and the American Association of Justice honored Mr. Lanier with its Lifetime Achievement Award.

Mr. Lanier holds three honorary doctorates and was bestowed the Ambassador of Peace award by the Guatemalan government. He founded the Lanier Theological Library which is one of the nation’s largest theological collections. When he is not in trial, Mr. Lanier teaches a weekly Biblical literacy course and writes in both the legal and theological arenas. He counts three books and two movies among his many writings.

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