Why Christian Legal Scholarship? A Conversation with Professor Bob Cochran

By Professor L.O. Natt Gantt, II, ’94, Professor Bob Cochran

About the Video

Prof. Bob Cochran is the Louis D. Brandeis Professor of Law Emeritus at Pepperdine University and a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture at the University of Virginia. His career as an attorney and law professor has spanned over 40 years. In the course of his illustrious calling, most notably serving as a Professor of Law at Pepperdine and Director of the Herbert and Elinor Nootbaar Institute on Law, Religion, and Ethics, he has authored or edited over 50 books, book chapters, and articles. Many of these works expressly address the relationship between Christianity and the law and law practice. In this session, Professor Cochran will discuss how he became interested in Christian legal scholarship, themes he has observed in the field, and his counsel on those who seek to integrate a faith-based perspective into their own scholarly endeavors.

Some of Bob Cochran’s Work

Christian Perspectives on Legal Thought (Yale University Press)(with Michael McConnell and Angela Carmella)
Agape, Justice, and Law (Cambridge University Press) (with Zachary Calo)
Law and the Bible: Justice, Mercy, and Legal Institutions (InterVarsity Press) (with David Van-Drunen)

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